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Perfect Moment Brand Spotlight: Fashionable & Functional Ski Clothing

Posted on December 21 2021

Representing everything that’s great about modern skiwear, The Perfect Moment brand is a company to get behind! Designed for ultimate performance, unbeatable comfort and head-turning style, Perfect Moment Ski offer everything you need while out on the slopes. 

Incorporating timeless retro designs with a contemporary twist, Perfect Moment Ski boasts skiwear innovation as well as awesome fashion sensibility. Let’s take a deeper look into the brand and the wonderful products they have on offer!

The History of Perfect Moment Ski

The adventure originally started in 1984 in the mountains of Chamonix. Professional skier and extreme sports filmmaker Thierry Donard envisioned a collection of retro-inspired, practical skiwear clothing that would serve a purpose both practically and within the realms of high fashion. 

Donard combined quality, style and performance to create the ultimate collection, envisioning the ‘Perfect Moment’ out on the slopes. The exclusive collection was then born, sporting functional, fashionable skiwear that was completely different from the rest. 

Why Is Perfect Moment Skiwear Different?

The collection is fun, distinctive and bold. One of Donard’s first realisations which sparked the creation of Perfect Moment Ski is that all functional, practical skiwear looked the same, and could only be worn on the slopes. 

Perfect Moment’s mission is to create highly functional yet fashionable skiwear that could be incorporated into a casual outfit, as well as serve a purpose when skiing. The collection is colourful and eye-catching with a predominantly retro feel - setting it apart from all other competitors out there. 

Perfect Moment’s Most Popular Products

The unique, retro range offers a wide range of magnificent skiwear. From one-pieces to ski jackets, bum bags to beanies, Perfect Moment offer something for everyone on the Love Ski website! Let’s take a look at some best selling products. 

Perfect Moment Stoke Star Gingham One-Piece Snow White


Gingham All In One Ski Suit by Perfect Moment

Meet the ultimate ski suit! The retro gingham design and colour combination make this one-piece an extremely fashionable choice for tackling the slopes! Insulated with Allied 700 down, this ski suit will keep you warm and cosy during all weather conditions, whilst the breathable material ensures you don’t overheat. Available in sizes XS - XL, this wonderful ski suit will make you stand out on the slopes!


Perfect Moment Oversize Parker Dark Green


Perfect Moment Oversize Parker Dark Green

Functional, flattering and highly fashionable. This oversized parker is a stylish addition to your skiwear collection! The gorgeous colour, fitted design and oversized look combine to create a highly fashionable garment. This Perfect Moment ski jacket features a goose-down lining, perfect for keeping you warm during all weather conditions. Shop sizes XS to XL today!


Perfect Moment Schild Sweater Dark Green


Perfect Moment Schild Sweater Dark Green

Made from 100% soft extra-fine Merino wool, this stylish turtleneck will keep you fashionable on the slopes! Featuring Perfect Moment’s signature star print and SKI intarsia, you’ll stand out from the rest this season. Wrap up warm with this unique, retro-inspired sweater on your adventures - available in sizes XS to XL. 


Perfect Moment Folded Chevron Bum Bag


Perfect Moment Folded Chevron Bum Bag

Speed down the slopes knowing that your belongings are safe. Zip fastening, water repellent and completed with Perfect Moment’s signature star. Perfect for both the city and the slopes - one size fits all. 


Shop The Perfect Moment Collection With Love Ski

Hit the slopes in style with our exquisite Perfect Moment skiwear - retro, bold and beautiful. Experience functional and fashionable skiwear today with Perfect Moment at Love Ski.